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We understand that book writing can be both a passion and a profession; and we know how important selling your books (including ebooks and audio-books) to you. We are therefore committed to actualizing your book sales dream. Selling books (both soft and hard copies) on (Naira Card Users) and (Dollar Card Users)is made easy for the sake of all Nigerians - no matter their location or experience. Before you begin to sell your books on kpiBooks, read through these few conditions for our agreement or understanding. The conditions are listed below:
  1. You are the legitimate writer of the book(s) you intend to sell on
  2. You accept to sell the book(s) on kpiBooks on the terms of trading.
  3. You accept to partner with kpiBooks in linking your blog/website to your book(s)
Having gone through those few conditions; we would like to inform you about the terms of trading on kpiBooks:
  • We help interested sellers to process and package their ebooks for easy sales online
  • We pay sellers monthly or quarterly - as per their choices
  • We pay sellers 80% on their ROS (Returns On Sales) for ebooks
  • We pay sellers 70% on their ROS (Returns On Sales) for printed Books and audio books
  • Sellers hold 100% rights of ownership of their books
  • Sellers can stop kpiBooks from selling their book(s) anytime they deem fit
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If you are convinced to sell you books on kpiBooks, we would then invite you to create your free Author Account now!

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